Carbon and Graphite

These materials are used in different industrial areas given that the combination of their physical and chemical properties makes them ideal and indispensable for various processes.

Graphite is an excellent electrical conductor, an excellent refractory, an excellent material for high-temperature use, an excellent heat conductor, an excellent material for machining to very precise tolerances, as well as possessing a high sublimation temperature and a very low elasticity index.

The physical and chemical properties of carbon are the total opposite of those reported for graphite.

Raw materials that contain carbon are used in its manufacture instead of mined graphite, and for this reason industrial graphite is also known as artificial graphite.

Starting with their manufacture from the same raw material and altering or changing the size of the grain, the forming method, the temperature and baking time, among other things, we obtain custom-made graphites according to our needs.

The carbon or graphite “grade” corresponds to the nomenclature given to it depending on its physical, chemical and electrical properties.

Based on the above and depending on the industrial application, we can make CARBONS or GRAPHITES that lubricate at any temperature, that seal, that support chemical attacks, that support high friction, that are electrical and heat conductors and/or insulators, that are abrasive, or that are porous, etc.

In virtue of the foregoing, whenever a client comes to see us we ask:


What are you going to use it for?

So as to be able to select the ideal grade for their specific application from the wide range of Carbons and Graphites.

All the products we manufacture are based on a drawing to which we assign a unique catalog number with the aim of identifying it for production and future orders.

The tools, hardware and software utilized in the manufacture of our products are up-to-the-minute, which, added to the experience and skill of our personnel, allows us to achieve top quality, precision finishes.

We cover a wide range of industries:

Food, Cement, Tools Manufacture, Heat Treatments, Electricity Generation, Pharmaceutical, Casting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, Jewelry, Lithography, Paper, Petrochemical, Iron and Steel, Textile and Glass industries, among others, with a wide variety of products and spare parts such as:

Bushings, Blades or vanes for compressors, Crucibles, Lances for the degassing of non-ferrous metals, Rotors, Disks for Variable-speed Motors, Pockets, Sidewalls for furnaces, Flexible and rigid felt, Graphite sheet with or without metal inserts, Thread, Tape and Packing, Rollers for lamination, Graphite electrodes for electric arc furnaces, Electrodes for Electro-erosion, Bars for Cathodic protection with and without impregnation, and graphite and carbon pieces of special designs.

We invite you to continue on this site and if you can’t find the exact application you need, please contact us so that we can discuss your specific requirements and application and find the best solution for you.